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Kent based Company become the first digital printer in the UK to offer fully recyclable labels!

We are excited to announce that we are the first digital printer in the UK to offer fully recyclable labels!

Delga Labels launched earlier this year and has already proven to be a successful and key business for the local and UK economy.  As part of the Delga Group of companies the new business has grown dramatically in a short space of time. But it is not just about providing a label solution.

The team have been working hard to find a more sustainable label they can offer customers.  With recent announcements that they were able to offer a 100% compostable label the team are now celebrating again with the news that they are also able to offer a fully recyclable label.

Delga Labels is the only digital printing company within the UK to offer this solution, which allows their labels to be removed using the standard recycling procedure for the UK. 

Many label materials can be broken down for recycling but the problem that occurs is the removal and breakdown of the adhesive. Using a specially formulated adhesive means the Medway based printers can now provide a fully recyclable label.

Business Development Manager, Tom Stone, told us;

“When it comes to the importance of recycling, especially in the UK, the key message is about the separation of materials. Historically, and up until now, recyclers have been unable to separate a label from glass, tin, or carton board packaging due to the adhesives and therefore there is a high level of contamination in the recycling steam. The product would eventually end up in landfill if it had a label applied to it. With the new cold wash off label technology it will enable brands/brand owners to class their products as fully recyclable.”

This is an exciting breakthrough for the UK and will no doubt provide much needed sustainable solutions for many sectors, especially for those businesses within the food and drink industry.

If you would like to enquire about how Delga Labels can help you with your sustainable business needs, please dont hesitate to contact the team on 01634 227000 or

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